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Water Weaving


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W A T E R    I N   T H E   S K Y

David Carlson, digital video, “Water in the Sky”
High Definition video 14 min. 03 sec. running time 2014

This video is the most demanding for people who have a very short attention span. It is also the most contemplative in terms of time and outcome. By isolating particular views away from the distraction of surroundings, we are able to see nuance. Nine separate shorts of moving water create a narrative that embraces the diversity. Change happens subtly as a whisper. The video clip of blue sky works perfectly as a framing device suspending the water images. There is a dance in the surface of the sky’s morphing that naturally connects with the movement of water. The idea of solid / not solid shares the ephemeral nature of the water, always changing always in flow.




copyright David Carlson 2018