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Water Quilt


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Water Weaving


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David Carlson, digital video, “Flow”
High Definition video 3 min. 32 sec. running time 2014

The grid serves as way to simultaneously present different views of water. Basically what we are seeing is the non-water ‘elements’ and the effects reflected by the water. These complexities of circumstance in such a profound element that covers the planet, and yet at the same time water at its core remains connected by its simple essence. The age-old Buddhist question, “who are you?” gets played out by the diverse images. These images are fact. But as Schroedinger states, “plurality is merely a series of different aspects of this one thing.” As an extension, it is possible to see the work as metaphor. In the video the juxtaposition of moving and still images create tension and flow in the design and space that allow us, in time, to follow the changing composition and those complexities.




copyright David Carlson 2018