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Private: Lane and Ruth Anne Cubstead, Kathy and Gerald Freshly, Marina Goodenough, Sally Smith, Carl and Kay Burnett, Betty Dixon, Marise Riddell, Thomas Burton, Joe Merante and Tom Gallo, David Smith, Wayne and Karin Fritz, Chris and Margot Vahrenwald, Costos Palisourous, Patrice and Herb Miller, Dr. and Mrs. Claude Friedmann, Amadou Thiam, Kyoung Mi Kim, Pape Alle Samba Gueya, Li Hua, Gail and John Enns, Dr. John Shill and Dr. Lou Ross, Brian and Judith Forst, Nancee Simonson, Timothy Egart, Yang Yi Jang, John and Deborah Caringola, Melody Weiler, William Lew, Don and Alison Kerr, Mimi Woolford, Pamela and Rick Hindman, Lynn and George Russell, Suzanne Bissell, Michael and Jane Kelly, Rhodes-Nadler Collection, Dimitar Grozdanov, Walter De Weerdt , June Linowitz, Debbie League, Dennis O'neil & Hand Print Workshop, Andrea Pollan.,Linda Doman, Nancy and Steve Perry, Nancy Burke, Berta Gomez, Ian Glowacki and Heather Rose, Joren Lindholm

Corporate, Public and Museums: EF Education First, Cambridge, MA, Marymount University, Gray, Cary, Ware & Frieden, British American Tobacco Company, District of Columbia Artbank, Pretoria Art Museum, Pretoria South Africa, Nixon & Vanderhye, University fo Virginia, Health Professional Center, Asilah Foundation, Asilah, Morocco Balchik Art Museum, Balchik, Bulgaria

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